Best Tattoo Ever

Best tattoo ever

Thanks Miss Silver


15 comments to Best Tattoo Ever

  • Richard

    Bobby uses an extreme method to relieve sinus congestion.

  • eyeball

    …not to mention “Best Trauma Team EVER”.

  • Geo

    Hope he doesn’t get any snot on the blade.

  • Bikebreath


    (ok, it’s too short a message for you accept…how about I ramble here in parentheses about the boil on my butt?)

  • Keith

    Looks like they need King Arthur to withdraw Excalibur!

    He’s going to have the best nose bleed ever once they unplug that.

    I love he fact the two medics in shot are busy taking photographs rather than treating. Actually three counting the guy who took this shot.

    • eyeball

      I haven’t been able to find any background info on this pic, but I’m pretty sure this guy’s kicked it. The EKG sensor over his heart is no longer hooked up. I’m just referring to the fact that, even if this person is dead…show some courtesy and professionalism and STOP taking pictures to send to your buddies. I hope they all lost their jobs over this.

  • J-bird

    If you have to get stabbed in the head, that is the best place to get it done. I’ve seen carnival sideshow acts that hammer a twenty penny nail straight into that area of the face without a single drop of blood when it gets pulled out.

  • dabba

    The guy on the right is law enforcement; he was probably taking photos for evidence.

  • P

    As an ENT surgeon, I can tell you that this is definitely not a fatal injury. In fact, unless this knife has an unusually long blade, he probably won’t even have significant disability from this injury. He’s going to have a scar on his nose and possibly cheek numbness, but that is about it
    This guy did not “Kick it” (the fact he’s sitting up should have been your first clue).

  • Alpo

    “HARD TO KILL” but apparently very easy to sneak up un and stab in the face with a 6 inch Rambo Special..

  • Bella

    He shoulda listened!

  • Richard

    Looks like a remake of “Chinatown”.

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