Warming Up in Las Vegas

Vegas 108

The temperature in 108°F outside as I type this.  In all honesty 90°F back home feels a lot hotter than this because of the low humidity here and the high humidity there.  This image is from my phone.


10 comments to Warming Up in Las Vegas

  • sandie

    You’re right, Jonco. It’s hotter n’ heck. I stayed cool by going to the theater at one of the casinos up by me. I’m about 15 miles north of you.

    • DJ

      Shouldn’t you be at the B&P get-together tonight??

      • sandie

        I’d be there if I knew their itinerary. I only know the hotel (I think) but nothing else.

        • Jonco

          We’re meeting Saturday night near the stage in front of the Golden Nugget on Freemont Street at 7:30 pm. Look for a bunch of tan colored t-shirts.

  • eyeball

    I dunno…after extensive research, I’ve come to the conclusion that anything above 74° is too damn warm for me.

  • Floyd

    I was in St. George, UT and Phoenix, AZ last week. It was 100+ outside some of that time, but it just felt different without the smothering humidity.

  • Jon

    I’m very jealous it’s cold and wet down here in Sydney Aus.
    wish I could be there

  • infidel

    DAYUM thats a little too hot for me

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