Whatzit? (Solved)

Win this mouse padIt’s time for another round of Whatzit?.   Whatzit? is a photograph of something familiar to most everyone.  The photo will be either a close-up or a view of something familiar from a unique angle.  Today’s prize will be a Bits & Pieces Mouse Pad.

Here’s today’s Whatzit?…


* One guess per person (IP address) per photo clue
* You must include a valid email address on your comment

* Comment editing will be disabled during the contest
* You can only win once per month.


The first person to properly identify it (I’ll determine what ‘properly’ is) in a comment will be the winner.   In the event no one guesses what it is I’ll either show a little more of the picture or give another hint.
Keep in mind that some comments might be held in moderation and could be the correct answer before yours.  Winner will be determined by time submitted.

 We have a winner!

      See Comments for correct answer


15 thoughts on “Whatzit? (Solved)

  1. We have a winner! I told you it would go fast. Cordee wins it with Tortoise scales. Scott’s guess while sort of accurate but was too generic. I was looking for “tortoise” (or turtle) as the answer.


    I was out walking the dogs the other day when I accidentally stepped on this little guy on my street. I think I hurt his back leg, but he seemed OK otherwise. After taking a few pics I released him into the wild.


  2. I thought for sure Jonco gave us a clue yesterday with “I think this one will go pretty fast…”

    Considering it took 30 minutes and 2 guesses and another 20 minutes to confirm a winner, if he said it will go pretty slow then that would have been an awesome accidental clue.


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