Good Sandwich Guide

Good sandwich guide

Thanks Mike (From Spain)


6 comments to Good Sandwich Guide

  • Scott

    Wrong! I could never eat that sandwich. The top piece is upside down. The meat curve should follow the bread curve.

  • Mick Nash

    Dry corners are run off areas for mustard. This sandwich is unsafe for any shirt.

  • grumpy

    If you buy/eat round “meat”, does it really matter?

  • Cari Francis

    Looks like a meat-free Quorn style filling to me. Wouldn’t eat it if you paid me. Other than that, I’ve been making sandwiches like this for years. Nothing new here.

  • jim

    You are three slices of meat, one slice of cheese, three slices of tomato, one slice of red onion and two leaves of lettuce short.

  • Beveeeerly Plummer

    Whoever thought anyone could be so passionate about two pcs. of bread?

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