CSI: Miami – David Caruso’s One-Liners

CSI: Miami has been canceled. If I could figure out how to spell that sound effect, I would put my sunglasses on and do so [here].   Here are some of David Caruso’s corny one-liners from the show.

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6 comments to CSI: Miami – David Caruso’s One-Liners

  • Richard

    I’m surprised that CSI:Miami lasted this long. The dialogue was often cheesy and Caruso was a robot. I much prefer CSI:New York with Gary Sinese and Sela Ward.

    • Anne S.

      I’m with you Richard. I like Gary Sinese better. The thing with David Caruso his ego is too big, and I just don’t care for him. Gary’s show is much better.

  • hbshrimp

    hallelujah! one less crappy csi show on the air to give people ideas what i can magically do as csi….

  • crispy

    This would have been a lot more watchable without the constant YAAAAAA! after every pointless one-liner.

  • Tim

    The sound effect is “YEAH!!!!” from The Who; I believe the song is “We Won’t Get Fooled Again”

  • J-bird

    I hope Caruso will take his earnings and retire somewhere where there are no video cameras. I didn’t care for him when he was on “NYPD Blue”, and I never had any idea he would last this long on “CSI Miami”. I hope to never see him again.

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