B&P Link Dump

A cantender babyHow key designs have changed thru history

A Bra With An iPhone Pocket

Best times to run and pee at the movies

Baby Faces   Right arrow2

A vaccine to help people stop smoking?

Eau de Perfume

The story of I Dream Of Jeannie

What movie should you see this weekend?

What does it take to get a 5 star rating?

Audio Slideshow: Human Planet
Exploring mankind’s incredible relationship with nature

Tilt your head to be more photogenic

Hawk’s Nest Live Webcam


Trivia Tidbit:  The Statue of Liberty might not be standing in New York Harbor were it not for Joseph Pulitzer, publisher of the St. Louis Post Dispatch and the New York World. France would donate the statue if we built the foundation for it.  Fundraising efforts to build the foundation for the statue were hitting on hard times. After several failed attempts to raise the money, Pulitzer promised to publish the name of anyone who donated anything (no matter how small) to help get it built.  Response was overwhelming as over 120,000 people made donations.   The rest of the story



2 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump

  1. I used to love I Dream of Jeannie, of course by the time I was watching in the early 70s it was already in syndication. I never saw the wedding episode.
    The hawk-cam is interesting, I’ll check back from time to time, they were alone when I looked at them, one of the little guys saw a bug fly by and looked as if he might go after it, I was relieved when he didn’t.
    I never realized keys went so far back, I guess thats my “what I learned new” today.


  2. I liked the hawk cam, of what I could see of it, but that darn advertisement kept popping up at the bottom. Other than that I liked being able to see the hawk and her babies.


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