32 thoughts on “Going Green – Legalizing Marijuana

  1. Idiotic, stupid and misinformed. Try driving east of Sheridan and there’s a pot-head store on every corner. Time to update the agit-prop.

  2. I don’t have any problem with legal weed, but I think that the money figures are just blowing smoke. If grass is made legal, the price would drop to a small fraction of what it is now, so the $36 billion is bogus…

      • I thought about that, but how do we really know what the value of grass production is? There is a whole lot of extrapolation in determining how much grass is grown in the US, plus how much is shipped in from Mexico and Canada.

  3. Is making hemp a legal product to produce even worth the time? The last year of available data from AAFC is 2007. The AAFC, (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) provides information, research and technology, policies and programs, and reports to parliament.
    In 2007 (Canadian dollars), import and export of hemp:
    Imported $530,162
    Exported $3,454,149

    That’s $3 million total in exports! That’s not the profit! Take out the cost of then seed, water, fertilizer, taxes, fuel, equipment and so on and so on.

    • But isn’t hemp a slightly different plant in that you can make strong, long-lasting things like clothing and sails, but you can’t smoke any of it?

  4. HORSESHIT! 36 Billion? Are you frickin serious? That will run Obama’s economy for about 5 days. America has 47,000,000 people on welfare. Fix that cost with your pot sales.

  5. Legalization would stop the insanity of the Mexican cartels by taking away the profit motive. If we grow and tax it here why bother to smuggle it?

    • I believe mexican cartels move more cocaine than marihuana. If marihuana is legalized there’s still meth, heroine… and american guns of course.

  6. Fucking Idiots. REMEMBER… 36 Billion won’t change shit! Not the Terrorists Cartel and it won’t help our debt.

  7. Well, by that logic we should legalize all drugs … and maybe rocket launchers too.

    “They can take my cold-fusion rocket launcher when they can pry it from my cold, dead, radioactive fingers.”

    • The national debt goes up $3.7 billion every day, 365 days a year…so the $20.9 billion in government revenue would only take care of our national debt for five and a half days.

  8. For some medical conditions, I believe it is necessary. It should be classified the same as alcohol when applied to driving laws. Nobody wants to harm anyone in an accident.
    Legalize it already, collect your taxes and be done with it. More idiots get hurt from booze. It’s a plant, the sellers aren’t drug dealers, they are gardeners.

    • Actually, these days most sellers are gangsters.
      Arguing the economics is a fools game.
      It’s a relatively benign “vice”, compared to alcohol and tobacco. The biggest benefits of legalization would be to allow more enforcement of the really bad (manufactured) drugs, freeing up courts/jails and lowering the violence/deaths associated with the marijuana trade.
      Did anyone take these costs into their economic “calculations”?

      This BC Bud is for you (and it ain’t “lite”).

  9. That’s coz the drug dealers (gangsters) are selling it coz it’s Not legal. Make it legal.
    I try to go herbal and healthy eating and living with everything I do now. Well except for beers. I like that once in a while. It’s Friday! Anyways, when I asked the Doc for pot pills coz I couldn’t sleep and I was cramping up again, he said no. He gave me a prescription for a sleeping pill that was a chemical and had a billion side effects, AND pitched me into a seizure. Just give me what works please. There’s a lot of homegrown out there. I’d rather go natural.

    • I’m with you Bella, I used to partake in the green goodness myself before I had my surgery. They used to write me rxs for vicodin, percoset, and darvon, but nothing took the pain away like mother nature. Of course Texas does not recognize medical marijuana, so I was a criminal for trying to be pain free.

      • You’re right Chick. When I had the big C, I had a prescription for it. Now they tell me no coz it becomes addictive. (and trust me, I would only take them when the nausea or cramping became too much)
        I’m helping out a friend right now that was given Oxycontin (oxycodone) and she is so addicted. She had back surgery and it went from there. That sh!t ain’t good for you, and she is a mess, a bad mess. Bring on the green. 😉

  10. The most powerful group that is against legalizing it has to be the group that likes things to remain the way they are: organized crime.

    • KISS, you hit the nail dead on. Mostly.

      I will add, everyone in the police, legal, penal systems and “war on drugs department” also like it. Job security.

  11. I’m in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. I’ve heard people say it helps those going through cancer treatments, and I believe there are other problems out there that marijuana could help with. Just like there are medical reasons for other things that could be classified as narcotics. So legalize medical marijuana.

    • You’re right Crispy. I heard a joke somewhere that if everyone smoked a joint at the same time in the whole world, that there would be world peace for at least 2 hours. LOL! Something to think aboot fer sure.

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