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Beer Makes Men Smarter: Here’s Proof

The 6 Most Sadistic Dishes In The World

Tattooing Animals: Art or Abuse?  Right arrow2

Woman strips naked at Denver airport

People Posing with Hitler

Headline of the year

Is your job killing you?

Business Weeks How-To Guide

Chevy Chase knows what’s funny, and says so

Cop clings to windshield of speeding bus

Avatar: Behind the Scenes

How to poop and wipe properly

Things you might not know about income taxes


Trivia Tidbit:  Did you know that The United States gets more of it’s oil from Canada than from the Persian Gulf?  Read all about it      via



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  1. Wow, we have got everything from checking blood glucose to wiping ass, to eating live ass, to tattooing animals, to all kinds of music.. Without B&P we would be in the dark about so many things.. We are blessed to have you, Jonco..


    • Ya got that right J-bird! Two and a half thumbs up for Jonco! (i don’t know either, sometimes i say stupid sh!t) πŸ˜‰


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