B&P Link Dump

Why must you remove your laptop but not your iPad at airport security?

WannamakerpopweddingBlaxploitation’s “League Of Extraordinary Women”

Eight dogs who saved their owner’s lives.

25 Foods You’ll Never Eat Again

12 Underappreciated Bodily Fluids

Funny Wedding Announcements  Right arrow2

How to speak squirrel

Payoff for hybrid cars can take years

Quiz: Are You Smarter Than An Atheist?
  I got only 18 out of 32 right

15 Roles Nicolas Cage Almost Got

A Bus That Cures Hangovers in 45 Minutes

Five Very Interesting Uses for Poop

Where are all those $1 Presidential coins?

100 Foods To Eat Before You Die

The Turbo Whistler Prank you victims car

Sober vs. Drunk Celebrities

Forget Angry Birds, Meet angry Hippo

Independence Day Quiz  I scored 21/30


Trivia Tidbit:  Major League Baseball pitcher Jim Abbott was born without a right hand. Nevertheless, he had a ten year career in the league, and on September 4, 1993, threw a no-hitter.    via



25 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump

  1. I got 30/32 on the quiz. Not bad. I said Protestants AND Catholics believe salvation comes from faith alone, and I outsmarted myself saying Buddhism is the most popular religion in India. :-/


  2. Re “Are you Smarter Than An Atheist?”
    I am an atheist and I got 28/32 (and two of the four wrong I only got wrong cos I changed my mind at the last minute.)


    • i am also an atheist and am smarter then myself i guess. i only got a 23 but i got three wrong changing them at the last moment-i agree with branch on the protestant and catholics-i guess the catholics have confessional.


  3. 26/32 on the religion crap and I say crap because that wasn’t a true test on religion. A lot of that I remember learning in history class. To test religious knowledge the test should have more questions about the tenets of each religion.


  4. 0 on Religion, but “Don’t Know” is as close as I can get to “Don’t care”.

    Remember when you always hoped tests were gonna be “multiple choice”? You could still be smarter than a monkey, your 1024th cousin 512 times removed.


  5. I got 25/32 on the religion quiz, missed the same one as everyone else. I guess I should have known better, Catholics believe faith and MONEY get you into the kingdom of heaven, not just faith.
    I’ve only had about 32 of those foods.


  6. Frankly on the drunk/sober celebs, they used a good picture of Lohan, I’ve seen her look so much worse.


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