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Trivia Tidbit:   In most cultures, an up-and-down head nod means “yes” while a right-to-left shake means “no.” According to Cecil Adams of The Straight Dope, this is not quite true everywhere, and in Bulgaria specifically, it’s reversed: a nod means “no” while the shake means “yes.”  via


4 comments to B&P Link Dump

  • that1chick

    Interesting photos from JFKs funeral, I notice the didn’t have the clip of Geraldo beating the shit out of the white supremacist for calling him a spic/jew mix, I’ve always kind of respected him for that one, regardles of the other things he’s done, which were of course very stupid.

  • Richard

    Geraldo is a total douche bag…

  • Roz

    In India, a right-to-left shake means ‘Yes’. A VIGOROUS right-to-left shake means ‘No’.

  • Jarrod

    10 Weird Shaped Islands: “This island is swimming in the blue sea between Europe and Japan.” Between Europe and Japan? Does that mean the entire world?

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