GPS says 396 mph – Man He’s Flying!

I always wondered what would happen if I turned on a GPS in an airplane. With all the warnings they give you during take-off, I expected the plane to explode or something. Instead, I found that my GPS (seemed to) work.



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  • Worker Bee

    Surprise…Garmin makes aviation units too…

  • DJ

    He “expected the plane to explode or something” when he turned it on, so he turned it on.

  • Stargaizer

    OMG…. now you went and let the cat out of the bag and soon every one will try this and next all will know that there is no risk to aircraft instrumentation from consumer electronics….. ANARCHY!!!!!

  • karst

    I used my GPS on an airplane before. It gave my speed and elevation. It was cool to see what you were flying over and what state you were in. Everybody in my row and the one behind me were very interested too.

  • Joe

    Be careful…it’s a pretty substantial fee if you get caught. Several hundred dollars.

  • crispy

    Here’s my understanding.

    One or two people using electronics isn’t a problem. A whole plane-load of people IS a problem. Having a whole bunch of electronic devices working in such a small area, they say, interferes with some of the onboard systems such as communication, navigation, and some of the wireless onboard systems.

  • Ron Larson

    A GPS unit is a radio receiver. It doesn’t broadcast anything. They are 100% passive. How is it any worse that everyone on board firing up their iPad’s, laptops, and MP3 players?

    • xalaskan

      ..hmmm, most of my 25 years as an alaska bush pilot was before GPS..or LORAN C.. A current sectional map and a EC6B circular slide rule strapped to my leg, and a wet compass got me where I was going, all the way from Mexico to the Arctic Ocean. The worst crash I was ever in was with an airline pilot, in his private seaplane. He was a master of button pushing, but just didn’t feel the wind on his wings. Checklists and ABC’s, 123’s, and memorized routines keeps him qualified, but he could never pull out of a tailspin! I would have LOVED to have a GPS flying the trench through Canada, or around the Mckinley Range. Especially when there is a 24 degree difference between magnetic and true north. Sometimes, when you look around you, all of the mountains look the same.
      …BUT.. GPS is just a’s not gonna bring an airliner down. The person flying it is always my biggest worry. Most of their logged flight time is spent dozing on auto-pilot. ..anyway, ..just sayin’…

      • A L N

        they mentioned on the radio that most of the pilots are using i pads while flying (for work related use only) in the cockpit. good to know that the pilots have there full attention on angry birds i mean the instruments while flying me around.

        I always felt safer with a good bush pilot then a commercial one. give me a good stick and rudder man to fly me around any day.

  • Many airlines allow the use of GPS in flight. A list of permitted devices is often in the back of the airline magazine.

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