From the movie Die Hard…

Was the movie THAT long ago?

Die hard gas



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  • Buckwheat

    I don’t remember gas ever being $75/gallon. Oh wait, I missed the decimal point. REALLY?

  • Dean

    The average price around that time was indeed around $1.00 per gallon so it wouldn’t surprise me that somewhere that price would be legit.

  • Richard

    Ah, the good old days. I remember way back when the gas stations would have ‘gas wars’. The price would drop from 32 cents to 5 cents a gallon…Damn I’m old…

    • Jonco

      You’re a lot older than I am Richard. I remember the gas war price of 19 cents a gallon, but not lower than that.

      • grumpy

        I remember when a Ronny’s Burger was 19 cents.

        And the sign said 27 Million Sold.

        • Richard

          Shoot. I remember when the ‘one million sold’ was added to the McDonald’s arch logo. It would have been about 1962. A burger, fries and a shake were 45 cents…

  • Buckwheat

    I think now the taxes are about that alone.

  • EvdW

    Meanwhile, here in the Netherlands gas now costs about 1.81 euro per liter, which is approximately 9 dollars per gallon.

  • theveiewuphere

    I watched all the Die Hard movies lately. Lets just say airport security is a bit different as well…and smoking

  • Roger Rodriguez

    i’m from Venezuela, and here is 0,09 us$ the gallon, full tank with 1 us$

  • Eirik

    Here’s one a bit more recent…


  • Richard

    There is a gas station on the way to my daughters house that had gas advertised for $1.59 per gallon. The first time that I saw the sign I practically ran off the road trying to get into the station. Then I realized that the station had obviously been closed and boarded up for quite awhile…Damn false advertising…

    • that1chick

      That is hilarious to me, we have a gas station/convenience store place here, the gas pumps haven’t worked in quite some time, but the store stays open. I did a triple take when I saw the gas for about a buck and a half. Then I realized the line would be around the block-DUH.

  • Scott

    The lowest I remember before prices went crazy was Thankgiving 1998. Somewhere around Spartanburg, SC I bought gas at 67¢. When I moved to OK in early 2000 gas was typically 99¢ – $1.09, about 10¢ less than back in PA. Christmas 2000 I was shocked that it was over 1.50.

    I remember as a kid when we went to the gas station in our huge station wagon my mom would always tell the attendant “five dollars worth.”

    • Richard

      Gee, another trip down memory lane. The attendant would pump the gas, check your oil and antifreeze and wash the windshield. Oh, yeah, he would also check the tire air pressures and add air if needed. That was a lot of service for five dollars worth of gas.

      • infidel

        hey Richard I know where two of those places are and I wont even tell you what they get per gallon

  • that1chick

    I remember my ex-husband throwing a hissy fit when gas went up to .99 cents a gallon, I wish.

  • grumpy

    Another reason USA should switch to Metric, it’s only $1.39 a litre here.

  • AlaskaME

    I remember sub-dollar gas before 1st gulf war, but in the picture above, it’s been a real long time since I saw leaded gas sold

  • Bella

    You know what I’m thinking? I know, you’re shaking in your boots. Prove that we don’t need THEM as much. Simple. Walk, ride a bike, take transit, cook your own, solar (I’ve really been checking that out), grow your own, compost, chop & burn your own heat source. Stop putting money in their pocket, and start putting it back in your own. Just don’t become dependant on anything. I actually practise what I’m preaching here. 🙂

    Our Grandparents did.

    • Buckwheat

      It would be great to be independent, but fuel prices affect the prices of everything. Even if you had your own farm and produced your own food you need fuel to run the tractor. I still agree with you on the premise. Get out of the dependency cycle and do things on your own. Figure out how to fix things, make things, become thrifty. I understand this, but there is always an edge out there that is controlled by the fuel price.

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