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Oreo cookie


Trivia Tidbit:  Today is the 100th birthday of the Oreo cookie.  The Oreo was introduced by the Nabisco company on March 6, 1912.  Over 491 billion Oreo cookies have been sold since they were first introduced, making them the best selling cookie of the 20th century.



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  1. Hydrox cookies were made several years before Oreos yet Hydrox seems to have the reputation of being a knockoff of the Oreo.


    • when the liberal media calls someone on the right a 4 letter word(like cu*t) nothing is said and it seems like Rush called the woman what she really is I mean is she in school or just having a big gangbang,liberals are the biggest hypocrites on earth,DAYUM have you seen her…. “Mr Drysdale called ,he needs you at the Jed Clampett estate”


  2. Now that there is funny, Rush justify his ratings to some dopey lib whack job, who couldn’t make it on MsPmsDncBongTv where the entire prime time line up for a month wouldn’t equal 15 minutes of air time on Rush’s show. Go figure!

    Are they still working for nothing over at huff&puff, like they have been for years?


  3. The claim about Oreo being the largest selling cookie must mean the brand itself, because I am willing to bet that chocolate chip cookies as a type, outsell Oreos.


  4. A correction to the trivia tidbit about Oreos and Nabisco. Nabisco was created with the combination of several regional biscuit bakers in 1898, hence the name NAtional BIScuit COmpany. First major success was with Uneeda biscuit. Fig Newtons were introduced in 1898 and are named after the town in Massachusetts were they produced by a regional bakery. Oreos were introduced in 1912(along two three other cookies including an Oreo lemon version) and the first recorded sale was to a Hoboken, New Jersey grocery store on March 6, 1912. The rest is true. To Richard, Chips Ahoy! are the number two selling cookie in the retail grocery store; the statement is true if you count bake shop and other cookie markets


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