B&P Link Dump

AsteroidDuck Face: The Race For The Cure

The case of the decoy router

You might not pay off that mortgage Right arrow2
There’s a chance a meteor might hit Earth in 2040

Rise of the Extreme Phone-Killers

Does the FBI have a file on you?

6 Car Myths That Cost You Money

Oscars Winners and Losers Lots of ’em

Crocodile bites off mans goodies

Learn something new every day

Rapping Bear  Language NSFW


Trivia Tidbit:  120,800 bottles of Bacardi Rum are bottled every eight hours.  Before the bottles are filled they are rinsed out.  But they are rinsed with rum and not water.   Bacardi uses 80,000 gallons of rum a year just to clean the bottles.  YouTube video



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  1. LOL duckface! One of my friends seems to have this affliction, she does it in all her photos and has for years. Poor bitch, if she only realized how pathetic it looked, we tried an intervention once to no avail.


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