Conceal and Carry? Well, you got the Carry right

Spotted at the St. Louis Dogtown Parade today.

Conceal and carry

Thanks John V


6 comments to Conceal and Carry? Well, you got the Carry right

  • that1chick

    It must be the water bottle weighing his pants down and dragging it down his ass so that his shirt doesn’t cover it, he better switch to beer, quick, that way it won’t be in his back pocket.

  • Bill the Painter

    Concealed Carry: YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

  • Gary

    I’ll never again be able to read the phrase “the crack of gunfire” without seeing this in my mind.

  • grumpy

    By the look of his back pocket, he’s had at least one “mis-fire”.

  • She Says

    I carry this way on occasion, I hope I don’t look that stupid. In my state it’s legal to carry but not concealed without a permit, so it has to be seen.

  • Richard

    At least he is not trying to conceal an AR15 or an M4.

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