Backwards Talking Girl

Alyssa, from Oklahoma, can take any word she hears and say it backwards.  She appeared on the Today Show yesterday. 

She says that when she hears a word she sees it spelled out in her head forwards and backwards.  She said when she learned to read she learned both ways so she’s always been able to do this.

Thanks Mike F



8 thoughts on “Backwards Talking Girl

  1. I had a friend in high school who could do that. He is now institutionalized (no joke), so I hope this girl has a different fate.


  2. Poteau is a very tiny town in Oklahoma, really not much of anything else to do.LOL

    It is pretty cool and what an adorable young woman.


  3. She probably has 500+ friends on facebook with bathroom mirror pictures. Reading all those backward T-shirts was bound to have an effect.


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