What diet?

I haven’t even started my diet yet.  But I did hit the 200 mark yesterday.  That’s about 5 pounds more than I weighed in the summer.  About 20 years ago I weighed 207 pounds.  Then I started eating better and lost about 10–12 pounds and have hovered around 195 for years and years.  The holidays have not been good to my tummy this year and it shows.

Happy Joes

This is one of our favorite pizza joints here in St. Louis.  The Taco Pizza is excellent.

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  1. Ha ha. 200 pounds? I’ve been hovering around 225 for the last few months. I had a great temp. job from August until the beginning of November. It was great. It involved a lot of physical work and kept me running. I loved it. But, then it ended and I became depressed and became a lump on the couch. Oh well, maybe the new year will bring another job that will get me back to my fighting weight! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck to you.

  2. Bob miclette – I do hope you find employment soon.

    I was at my doctor a few weeks ago and, like Jonco, I am in that ballpark and want to lose about 25 pounds. My doctor said to do that by March (when I see her again), I should cut about 250 or so calories a day out. Well, there goes the afternoon snack–but that is a small price to pay (and actually save the cost of the candy bar).

    But like Bob, I want to get to my “fighting weight”–or at least be able to look down and see my toes without bending forward.

  3. I’m around there too, Jonco, but you’re 7ยฝ feet tall, and I’m not. I’m just a little short for my weight.

  4. I went to the Doctor and he said “you need to lose weight and stop smoking.” My wife tells me “you’re fat and need to put those nasty things down.”
    So instead of a $40 co-pay I slip her a $20 and don’t go to the Doctor anymore.

  5. low carb n lots of proteins. 1 gram of proteins for every kilo (2.2 pounds) of your weight per day. did this 2 years ago and lost 20 kilos (44 pound) in 3 months. become good friends with vegetables (a pound per day in 3 meals)and skip anything white (rice sugar flour pasta’s breading potatoes) or out of a box (i.e. hamburger helper etc) skip all that BS *light products*(if it doesnt have a shitload of sugar it has a shitload of fat and vice versa, got to make that junk tasty some way or another) watch your saturated fat intake (only liquid fat like a tbl spoon of olive oil for your meat)

    i have been overweight since i was a kid, nothing ever worked, weight watchers, herbalife etc etc were all fail, a very hungry fail if i might add. this is the only diet that helped me loose weight without being hungry for a second. 0.4 pound of meat for dinner(not too fat but not too lean either). 2 eggs a day with 0.2 pounds of bacon for breakfast for example (theres nothing wrong with eating 2 eggs a day btw)

    you should loose about 2 pounds per week, this really works but dont push urself. 10 weeks and then watch what u eat for 10 weeks, meaning dont run to macD after you are done ๐Ÿ˜›

    im starting again monday, had a lot on my mind the past 1.5 year and ate everything i shouldnt lol

    the only thing that might be hard for some people :s, no alcohol, but if you really must, a glass of red wine instead of beer

    if you like i could email recipes so you can see what i mean. i’m sure some things can be replaced for things that are common in the USA and i’m sure to see the diet on paper is a lot less confusing then everything i wrote (controlled chaos).5 pounds should be peanuts ,maybe 3 weeks i gues

    good luck!

    • About 20 years ago (give or take a few) I was told that I had high triglycerides and I needed to eat less fat. I cut the fat way down and was down to about 190-195. Felt better too. I would eat as much as I wanted but it had to be low in fat. I didn’t give up all fats and allowed myself to splurge every now and then. A nice juicy hamburger of some fried chicken was so much better when I hadn’t had it in a while.

  6. I thought you would be under 200 , maybe you were 195 when I met you that was a few years ago you didnt look over 200 then

    • I’ve been in the 192-196 for the last 15 years or more. You (or at least I) wouldn’t think 5 or 10 pounds would make that much of a difference in how you feel or how your jeans fit, but it does.

  7. 200? I wish, that is a long distant memory fir me…lol…however, having said that, since 28/12/2011 I have lost 11lb, so am heading quite nicely towards 300, in the right direction…last time I visited my doctor he said that I either needed to grow about another three foot in height or lose some major weight…lol…

  8. I am now officially so fat that I could be two adults. Maybe I can drive in the High Occupancy Lanes…

  9. I lost 40 pounds last year, main thing was adding LOTS of fruits & veggies to my diet. Also, I cut way down on eating out all the time. Hubby lost 80 pounds during same time. Still a ways to go for both of us, but we’re getting there. BTW, I love Happy Joes! None around here since the early 80’s, but I’ve been hooked on the saurkraut & canadian bacon pizza since the 60’s. They still make it, so we try to stop in whenever we travel east. It’s been about four years, so now I’m jonesin big time!

  10. “Jonco
    January 7, 2012 at 8:19 am ยท Reply
    Sometimes growing taller seems easier.”

    Yeah, I’ve been thinking about getting myself a “rack”. Do a little “stretching”. Better the ratio, ya know?

  11. Since we’re all just wandering around the interwebs anyway, wander on over to myfitnesspal.com
    I’ve had loads of success with food and exercise logging, helps to hold yourself accountable for those not-so-great choices. Went from not being able to run more than 30 seconds without being out of breath and exhausted to running 5k at least once a week. Amazing what a few less pounds and healthier food does for a person.
    And it’s free! My favorite!


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