Train Horn Pranks

These guys are enjoying this a little too much. 

Warning: Some language NSFW

Thanks sg


10 comments to Train Horn Pranks

  • Scott

    Watched a few seconds of each and X’d 6 ads before I lost interest.

    Sh*t no one says: “Hey youtube, love the ads!!” and “20 minutes of the same 2 second prank, yay!!”

  • DJ

    To join in: Laugh like a girl and keep saying “Oh ho ho sh!t” in falsetto. Peat and repeat.

  • Joe

    Funny until some kid is scared up, falls of the street, and is hit by a car.
    If they would try it on me, I would strap the horn right onto his ear and blow out his eardrums.

  • Deborah

    I thought this was freaking funny. I can tell it was filmed in the Phoenix Metro area.

  • Sue Dunham

    Assholes. Edit: Apparently my comment is too short. Fucken assholes.

  • Floyd

    A semi truck with a train horn was in a small-town parade I attended. I was about 20 or so feet nearly in front of it when the driver blew the horn.
    I think it loosened my teeth a little!

  • Ron Larson

    Poor Tempe. Can’t wait for a cop to hear them pull this prank.

  • xalaskan

    This was interesting, but, this would trigger a rage in me that would be dangerous for a few minutes. …just knowing the blast was intentional, (PTSD Nam Vet)

  • Larry

    It’s all fun and games; until one day there’s a real train bearing down on your a$$.

  • Rick

    got repetitive. crossed the line from being very mildly amusing to extremely annoying in short order

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