St. Louisans Organize Parade For Iraq War Vets

Vet paradeA grassroots group trying to raise funds by Friday night in hopes of honoring Iraq war vets with a parade downtown on January 28th.  No other city has a parade for honoring the veterans from the Iraq war.  They need to raise $25,000 by midnight tonight in order to put the parade on.  They’re $4,500 short so far.   The effort began on this Facebook page.

Here’s a new report on the parade  (Not embedded because it was an autoplay video.)

7 comments to St. Louisans Organize Parade For Iraq War Vets

  • Thank you so much for supporting this Jonco!! To clarify, the $ deadline is Midnight TONIGHT!! If you or someone you know can help, please, visit the page and plug in to the conversation, or pass this along to everyone you know!!

    Scott Greenwood

  • t

    please don’t put roll over to play videos on your website. or auto-play videos

    its really annoying. this just started playing at max volume and scared the crap out of me.



  • Richard

    Amen. I hate the auto-play…

  • Richard

    Why don’t we have a parade for Vietnam vets first?

    • For those that feel slighted by this, I apologize that no one took the initiative to honor returning Vets from any conflict! Please know that your service is appreciated by myself and my family, as well as every member of this Facebook group! Your service and contribution is beyond anything that I was called to do, and I am honored to have you post in response to this event!

      God Bless!

      Scott Greenwood

  • grumpy

    Guess no one asked the vets. But I would bet a donation that they would rather have that $$$ go to comrades (or families) that didn’t come home and/or in one piece. The permanently disabled are always the forgotten ones.

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