No photos at the potato chip factory

Overzealous security guards try to stop a man from taking photographs from a public street.



7 comments to No photos at the potato chip factory

  • Ron Larson

    She should work for the TSA. She would be perfect.

  • tony m

    What a stupid pair of idiots.Wish i was there,then again i dont because i would be in court again for assault.

  • Jarrod

    When such a small amount of power goes to someone’s head, you are thankful they don’t have more. Thank God they’re only security guards.

  • crispy

    I just love how vague they are. “It’s against the law.” “I spoke to SOMEONE.” Ooooh. Scary.

    Like, I can understand a store saying “no photos allowed in the store”. Part of that is to protect against “GOTCHA Journalism”. But I hate this idea that people don’t have freedom on the STREETS.

  • Scott

    I can’t believe she allowed Google to take a foh oh.

  • Michael R

    Let’s all go an take a few happy holiday shots on that street. That should make them come out of their shell…

  • Tom K

    This is straight out of Monty Python! Pure entertainment. Great stuff, keep it coming. I love B&P!

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