Dancing Traffic Cop

This police officer keeps everybody happy in  Quezon City, Philippines. He is always smiling.  The spirit of Michael Jackson is with him at all times.via

 This reminded me of a dancing cop here in St. Louis back in the 70’s.  I worked a few blocks away from where he worked his magic. He came into the store where I worked a few times. Officer Dacey worked the intersection of Broadway and East Grand near the Interstate 70 exit for Grand Avenue.  He was fun to watch and was on the news locally and if I’m not mistaken he made the national news.  A quick You Tube search found this clip of him.

A little more research let me to this police department historical site.  About half way down the page is a section on Officer Owen Dacey.


3 comments to Dancing Traffic Cop

  • tim

    And I thought grand and broadway was bad now! Sheesh! That looked like a mess.


  • ben


    This was shot in front of a green screen, look at the people walking past…

  • Scott

    Just copies of the original. Vic Cianca was Pittsburgh’s dancing cop. Allen Funt showed him on Candid Camera a few times in the early 60’s which led to him being on Johnny Carson, doing some Budweiser and other commercials, and having a cameo in Flashdance.

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