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  • Ron Larson

    Photoshop! The “Obama sticker” is fake, if it is not absurdly obvious to you.

  • robopanda

    The Obama sign is poorly photoshopped in. Here’s a copy of the original picture:

    • Jonco

      Thanks. I figured it was photoshopped, but I still see the humor in it.

      • The thrill is gone, Jon.

        Once was, a photo like this would have caused at least ten people to call you a right wing Nazi who hates all Democrats and babies.

        Now, everybody just talks about the photo being shopped.

        I miss the good old days, I swear.

        • Jonco

          I don’t. I now see what I think is just a funny picture and am reluctant to post it because it just brings the hatred out on one side or the other. And that’s a shame.

  • infidel

    the Obama sign fits the situation perfect

  • tim

    There was a picture of a truck that wound up in a lake at a boat ramp with an obama sticker photoshopped in too.

    Politics aside… if the best arguement you can make involves doctoring a photo to try to show that only your opposition is stupid enough to drive a vehicle into a body of water, you have probably lost already.


  • Alan C

    That reminds me of an incident at the Monaco Formula1 Grand Prix a few years ago when the safety car crashed!

  • Buckwheat

    When I opened this link I was just waiting for the people to start complaining about photoshop. Well done thou observant. Of course it’s photoshopped. As far as this being the best argument against Obama, it is not, just a funny one. Of course you could put a Bush sticker there as well and it would mean about the same. Just people, settle down when you are getting jabbed at and laugh a little.

    • Jonco

      And I would have posted it if it had been Bush.. or any of the candidates, because it’s funny, not because it’s a Democratic or Republican sticker.

  • Just people, settle down when you are getting jabbed at and laugh a little.

    The best advice given in as far as politics are concerned, ever.

    I don’t think either party is doing a good enough job to complain about Jon taking shots a them, er, photoshoppicly speaking that is. ( my spell checker says photoshoppicly isn’t a real word but neither are the photos that are photoshopped so there. )

  • MCW

    Photoshopped or not, this is the state of the nation as far as I’m concerned, but if Jonco would have posted something that went the other way, I would have snickered just the same and moved on.

    • infidel

      true MCW I can laugh about Bush as well one of my favorite jokes is “he was sweating more than George Bush at a spelling contest”,but Heaven forbid that someone make a joke about Obama liberals dont have much of a sense of humor

  • Fred

    They should have photo-shopped a little Obama head in the driver’s seat and Nancy Pelosi in the truck bed. THAT would have been funny.

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