Butter Crisis in Norway

A Butter Message To The USA… from Tommy 

Warning:  A few foul words



14 comments to Butter Crisis in Norway

  • Richard

    OK then…What the Hell was that?

  • AJW

    A human tragedy.

    Anyway, to get back to the butter… where do we send donations?

  • Larry

    If he comes to my house and tries to eat all of my butter; there’s gonna be an ass-whippin’.

  • Bella

    Hahaha, is this serious? Yet again, Americans are to blame for the downfall of something else, but BUTTER…really?
    I have 4 bricks in my freezer that he can have but they only come in tinfoil, not those nice little boxes with lids like he has. We are all generous folks here.
    Where oh where has all the butter gone? Did they eat all their cows?

    He reminds me of that Britney guy, “Leave my Butter aloooooonnne”
    Ok, I’ll stop now. Hahahahaha…

  • Ron Larson

    Once again, we Americans are the blame for every one else’s problems, no matter how minor.

  • crispy

    So … uh … Tommy, … hmmm … I take it you were never … poor then? Good gracious, I can’t tell you how many times we ran out of butter, milk, eggs, MEAT, when I was a kid. My mom didn’t believe in welfare. When we had none, we improvised and made do and did without. My Mom was the inspiration for MacGuyver. Don’t have butter? Try another dairy product. In our house, water got substituted for milk, milk got substituted for butter (or we just didn’t use butter). Or how about this, Tommy: make something else that doesn’t use so much butter. Our food didn’t always turn out right, but we always had something on our plate (and in the words of Bill Cosby) “And we were THANKFUL!”

    • Richard

      Your comment reminded me of the times that my family had pancakes for supper. I loved them, but I never knew that we had them because there was nothing else in the house. I’m 66 but every time I eat pancakes, I think of those meals…

      • crispy

        Uh-oh, Richard. Are we related? We lived for about a year on tomato soup and pancakes: breakfast lunch and dinner, so yeah, we had pancakes for dinner too. My older brother couldn’t go near a pancake for about 15 years. But what they say is true: it builds character. My brothers and I all turned out pretty good at fixing things and jury-rigging things back together.

        • Bella

          We had “Crud” night. That was basically anything leftover in the fridge that didn’t have green on it. Most of the time it was not too bad.

  • Rave On

    You can have my butter when you pry it from my cold,dead, hands.

  • Sander

    Who uses butter? Parkay ftmfw!

  • Mitchell

    is this same person that said to not pick on Britney?

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