B&P Link Dump

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8 Unusual Modes of Transportation Around the Globe

Why the ‘Native’ Fashion Trend Is Pissing Off Real Native Americans

Limping penguin gets special shoe to help him walk  Right arrow2

Major record labels will stop releasing music on CD by end of 2012

Find out how much your home is worth  Not sure how accurate this is because it says my house is worth almost twice what I think it is.

Money Chart – Where it is and what it can do

Sh*t My Kids Ruined   Buy the book

The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011

5 Reasons Money Can Buy Happiness

The man who invented flying saucers

Where in the world?  A Google Earth puzzle quiz

‘How I Met Your Mother’ countdown



5 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump

  1. I can’t accept the value from the home price site, either. I own three adjacent lots with my house built across two of them. This site values my house about right, but also shows a value for a home on the corner lot, which is one of my lots. This house is valued at 60k higher than my house, even though the details on the house reveal it has 0 bedrooms, 0 bathrooms, and 0 square feet.


    • I get a “Property Assessment” notice every year. An “arms length” company from all Governments. But, my city taxes are based on it. I can go to their site and see any other home prices and esp. in my neighborhood. I’ll sick with that.


    • Yeah, my house is valued at twice what I think it’s worth, and all my neighbors are less than half the value of mine. My house is NOT twice the value of theirs I’m sure.


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