When turkeys attack

Turkeys are on the loose and attacking local cops in the mid-west. One cop actually gets held hostage in his cruiser.



3 comments to When turkeys attack

  • Jim Gillen

    Ha, ha, ha. ha. I know turkey. All you have to do is reach out for his neck and go for HIM. These videoed turkeys just LOVE to be run from.
    Now, remember, if you just stand there, they WILL attack and not just with their beaks. If you get smacked by their wings you will remember the experience. I once had a supervisor come visit the farm when no one was home. at 6 foot something, he got chased off by Pete, our resident male, as his mate, Repete, stood back & watched. I never let him live it down.

  • They taste like turkey and spicy turkey when basted with pepper spray.

    Just sayin’

  • Miss Silver

    “We turkeys are a proud race!”

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