Think You Know How to Use Photoshop?



9 comments to Think You Know How to Use Photoshop?

  • Greg

    That’s pretty talented, but wouldn’t it have just been easier and less time consuming to just take a picture of a model? Yes, people believe that just about every photograph posted on the internet is false and completely Photoshopped, but what most people fail to realize that sometimes, it’s just easier to take an actual picture than to try and Photoshop it.

  • Qoumidan

    Enjoyed the music.

  • dimndgal1

    This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and seeing quite a few shops in my time.


  • revrick315

    Didn’t Politico and Snopes say this was the 5th Cain accuser?
    Former President Clinton reportedly said “I take the 5th…”

    /obligatory political comment to increase the number of comments.

  • duuude

    Congratulations on making yourself a girlfriend… now print a few posters of her and post them all over town with “Have you seen this woman?”

  • Manticore

    That was good until they added that stupid fake cloud and moon background.

  • bogdan

    don’t believe everything you see on the web, this is just a picture added in Photoshop and the time laps backwards

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