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  1. photoshopped. that top photo is gum balls (notice the white and pink in the background but the droplets magically have purple in them too) and the photo on the bottom is m&ms (no white pink or purple but theres brown)

  2. If that’s shopped, it’s a phenomenol job (and yes, the folks that do that kind of thing normally do fantastic work).
    However, they also went as far as refracting the objects below so they were reversed in the droplets. On each of the droplets, you can generally find a pattern of 3 as a point of reference that is basically a bulging mirror image of an area below. The shape of the bubble is what causes the bubble to capture colors that are not in-line to the droplet. As a point of reference, look at the droplet half over the orange in the upper left corner. You’ll see orange/purple left to right. In the dish, due to refraction, you’ll see just a little of the purple, then the orange. The dark color near the bottom would be above the top edge of the pic. In order for the subjects to appear so large, the magnification must be such that you’re only viewing a field of perhaps 4 candies X5 candies. That would account for colors in the bottom that you can’t see in the top.
    But, like I said, it could be shopped; my eyes are getting weak. But I don’t see enough to rule out a true pic.

    • From what I know about optics (vs. CGI ray-tracing and all that) I’m going with Revrick on this one. Hold on Jonco, the jury is not in.

  3. THere are no white/pink candies in the dish but plenty of them not only visible in the bubbles but through the haze of the condensation. Also, no brown in the ‘unaltered’ photo and plenty of yummy chocolate goodness in the bowl. Also, M&Ms aren’t round but rather disklike so they would not appear as perfect looking spheres especially in something as distorting as a water droplet.

    It honestly looks like they took the original photo of gumballs and cut out round shapes and fish-eyed them on a top layer while hazing the bottom layer. As a fish-eye effect fan, it’s not hard to do and makes for some awesome pics of your spouse

    P.S. somewhat humorous argument about the legitimacy of this image:


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