The Gentlemen’s Rant: Starbucks

Thanks John


7 comments to The Gentlemen’s Rant: Starbucks

  • StAnne

    Not a Starbucks fan.

    Like the one for anyone who spends over $500 a year at SB and complains about being poor. I know people like that.

    • Bella

      Yup, I need a double carmel latte cappuccino frappuccino whatevero (I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about coz I’ve never had one)
      Out of the 6 SB that were here a year ago, there is only 1 left. I saw the price and thought that even I’m not that stupid. Exit stage left. Went to Tim Hortons and got twice the meal for half the price. And Good.

  • grumpy

    Cuppuccino, Frappuccino, Al Pacino. Fvck, just give me a coffee and don’t burn it!

  • infidel

    pumpkin spice is really good and the gingerbread and the eggnog

  • Sue Dunham

    Just gimme a cuppa joe. I think I’ve been to a Starbucks once. And, by the way, that’s a small coffee, not a skinny molto.

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