27 thoughts on “The first four words you see…

  1. Patient, Dramatic, Charismatic, Honest.

    The problem is, just about ANYTHING it says, people will say “YUP! THAT’S ME!” because it’s all good. Now, if all the words were NEGATIVE, see how many people would agree.

  2. Passionate, Courageous, Lovely and… Serve? I don’t think any of those are true. EXCEPT passionate. I am VERY passionate about my goldfish

  3. I thought that, Crispy, until I noticed that it’s actually impatient (I’d seen patient first too) and there’s naive, dependent, wrestles, insecure, prey, overdramatic – none of those were among the first four I noticed, which were far more flattering but, if those you see don’t describe you, they may be how you see yourself. Not Jan, obv.

  4. In addition to the easy ones, I found Toe, Parts, Harming, Wrestle, Eccentric and Rage. Not sure who that would describe…

  5. According to this (if I looked at the the words from the top down) I’m “Lazy, Happy, Impatient, Genuine”.. If I looked randomly, I’m “Over, Insecure, Witty, and Happy”. A slightly different outcome.

  6. Happy, peace, serve, lovely, and because I cannot read and thought it said five words, pendent. As I have already declared myself incompetent, I shall interpret this.

    Happy: I haven’t been happy lately but my usually happiness will come back.
    Peace: I’m not anti-war, but people seem to think the only other possible position is anti-peace… so… I guess that’s in reference to my good standing with my family, including the in-laws.
    Serve: I live to serve my Husband!
    Lovely: I have Red Hair! Can’t beat that for lovely! And I just lost 36 lbs!
    Pendent:The errant extra word… Refers to the chain I wear that holds my wedding and engagement rings. So it works! Ha!

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