Song title pictograms

What song titles do these graphic images represent?









Answers and a few more of these here

Thanks Deborah

8 comments to Song title pictograms

  • revrick315

    I didn’t do badly. I thought that was Roller Coast of Love, but I really don’t see why the clock wasn’t “Working 9 to 5” based on the clock positions (eh, maybe’s that’s only 4, but it’s a union shop).

  • Mathman54

    You Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer? I don’t get this. Maybe something in the lyrics suggests an alarm clock and a nail?

    I looked at all of them, and I hadn’t even heard of most of the songs or groups. I’m old enough to know the songs by a “group called the Beatles”.

    • revrick315

      There’s something like Ring that Bell in the lyrics, but no, it doesn’t make sense to me. And I still don’t know that rollercoaster thing and I go back much farther than the Beatles…not to Tchaikovsky, but pretty far back.

      • Jonco

        I didn’t know the roller coaster song either, but I figured the younger crowd would.

        • revrick315

          Could have tried this for the William Tell Overture instead…


    • lisanocap

      there is a line that goes “stop, hammer time”

  • Richard

    WooHoo, I figured out six of the titles…

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