♫ Harry Potter Song “Amazing” ♫



4 comments to ♫ Harry Potter Song “Amazing” ♫

  • Alysse

    I love Harry Potter a lot. My dog is named after it. I’ve been to the two Broadway shows Daniel Radcliffe starred in. But this girl makes me look like I hate it!

  • duuude

    How could somebody have such an empty life that she would get so much fulfillment from a series of books about a boy wizard? Incredible. I’m sure a few psychologists would love to study her.

  • Arkham

    i think this wouldve been better without her in this at all

  • Boooo-hoooo

    What has happened to this site??? It’s like the Humor Meter has dipped below any sort of funny levels. I think Bits and Pieces has flatlined________________.

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