Rambo vs. Erkel?

Their guy…  Vladimir Putin (Prime Minister of Russia)


Our guy…  Barack Obama (President of the United States)


Thanks Tommy Salami

47 comments to Rambo vs. Erkel?

  • Oh, that’s funny!

  • rikkochet

    Theodore Roosevelt loved – and lived by – the words “To ride, shoot straight, and speak the truth.”

    Guess who has obviously not read Herodotus.

  • Richard

    Barry is just getting in touch with his feminine side.

  • chuck

    poor guy can rarely afford shirts. 🙁

  • infidel

    Putin is the man I would love to have a beer with him,somewhere in Kenya a village is missing its idiot

    • Sander

      Huh, if you like Putin, you should see Kim Jong Il’s pictures. I hear he’s a master in so many things.

      • infidel

        I am talking about his black belt and he is a great skier and a pilot and so many other things,his KGB years are a stain on him,Kim is just a crazy freak

      • Richard

        The only thing that Kim is a master of is the bator…

    • Kale

      Nah, we have enough idiots here in Kenyan villages and political leadership already. Barack Obama ain’t welcome.

  • elagie

    Hmmm, back in less-civilized days, having a huntin’ fishin’ body slammin’ leader might have been an advantage. But we aren’t cavemen any more and people of intelligence would prefer brains over brawn in a world leader any day. And what is the problem with these pics anyway? He is being a good father, enjoying an amusement park ride with his daughter, providing a good example (riding a bike with a helmet), playing golf (like many Americans do, of course) — all of these things show that he’s trying to connect with the people he leads. All Putin’s shows is that he thinks he’s Conan the freaking Barbarian.

    • DJ

      Yeah, maybe he’s all that…a good dad, wears his helmet, loves his golf, and sometimes maybe he even puts the toilet seat down, too. A lot of us could say that about ourselves or people we know. But he’s the president right now, and as a president, he’s a dick.

  • revrick315

    I feel kind of like Sasha looks…

  • eyeball

    No matter what – Putin is still badass.

  • wmenns

    Could of been worse, could have been McCain!

  • Ozzy

    So, while the conservatives continue to call Obama a communist, they admire a…. communist. Funny how that works.

  • Duuude

    I would take 100 Obamas doing what he is doing these days than 1 Cheney full of Vodka with a shotgun in his hand.

    How quickly do we forget eh? Lucky for him it was loaded with bird shot.

  • Richard

    What heterosexual male crosses his legs like a woman?

  • Barbwire

    Clearly Obama is secure in his masculinity, and has no need to go all Neanderthal to prove it. I prefer a president with brains.

  • Fitz

    If you think Barack’s bad, you’re not from Russia. Putin STOLE much more money from the people than anyone else has. And you know what kind of credit rating Russia has? Probably not. Keep banging that racist, conservative war drum of yours. You’re the idiots that keep on electing people for the wrong reasons, I.e he can field dress a bear, she looks good in a skirt, he has the same name as his dad. You guys are screwed.

    • sirgoof

      amen to that brother…mission accomplished!

    • DJ

      So instead of someone who could field dress a bear, people voted for a jerk who was tall and had a good voice. Screwed again.

    • Duuude

      You’re absolutely right. The conservatives just “conveniently forgot” who Dubya was… but that’s OK. The rest of us didn’t!

      Now they have Michelle Bachman… wow…

  • JW

    But he’s on the View and they like him…puke, fail, enough said.

  • Robert

    Seriously, none of these criticisms have anything to do with being a leader or his policies. We live in a world of 6 billion people wracked with war, debt, disease, and global climate change. And you people think having a manly man who doesn’t cross his legs like a “girl” is what makes a good president? No wonder we are fucked!

    I’m angry at Obama for not prosecuting torture, continuing states secret privileges, extending the bush era tax cuts in the face of massive debt, etc…

    When Election time comes I’ll hold my nose and vote for him again, because the alternative is going to be some manly man conservative who is fucking insane and more concerned about keeping consenting loving adults from getting married, and making sure that Americans never have to endure the horror of a working healthcare system.

  • chuck

    Hey guess what…Obama sucks. Bush sucked just as badly. They’re all politicians playing two sides of the same coin. Until it is made clear to these politicians that we’re tired of constantly arguing Dem vs Rep when they both just want power & money from us, we’ll stay in this cycle.

    I’m about 30 years old and cannot remember a single elected politician that I would trust as far as I can throw them, Republican or Democrat. It all smells like cattle excrement.

  • A guy in Africa

    The US national debt shot past 92.7% of GDP last year. Russia’s is only 11% (or just over half that, according to another source).

    By 26 June this year Mr Obama had played 75 rounds of golf during his presidency. He has already visited more foreign countries than any other president: 30 states. And then there are the days he has spent vacationing with his family, or “on duty” at Camp David.

    It seems to me that you need a president who is actually going to do some work. I have a very ordinary little job and even I could not take 6 days of my leave last year. For someone running the most powerful country, you might expect a bit more attention to the job…

    • DJ

      LOL…He’s leaving with the fam on another 10-day vacation next week. (He has to wait for Mrs O & her posse to get back from vacation in Oregon. They needed a vacation after their busy vacation to Africa last month.)

  • JasonSTL

    Dictators are so dreamy. Republicans sure like to be told what to do/think/say. Now it all makes sense.

  • Miss Silver

    Putin is a man’s man. Obama is a lady’s man.

    • Bella

      I’m a lady and I don’t want Obama, do you Missy S.???
      I’d take Putin for a Woman’s Man anyday. 😉

      • Bella

        Actually, I can’t understand why anyone would want Obama. If I had a co-worker that took that many holidays (golfing, vacation, Hawaii, Camp David, WHATEVER) and didn’t cover his end of the job, I’d refuse to work with him.

  • DrEvil

    The difference is nearly everyone admires a man, Putin, but hardly anyone admires a douche, Obama.

    Have an Evil day

  • lynn sorensen

    And eveyone wonders why we got weak…..

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