Enjoyment of rare snow captured in New Zealand

Beautiful footage filmed and edited by aspiring filmmaker Ro Tierney of snow as it fell in Wellington’s Cuba Mall on Monday.

More on this amazing little film.

Tierney’s website

Thanks Miss Silver

7 thoughts on “Enjoyment of rare snow captured in New Zealand

  1. I mean, being that August in New Zealand is like February in the Northern Hemisphere, why is snow such a strange sight? Is it cause it just doesn’t snow in New Zealand?

    I just assumed it did since it’s about as far south of the Equator as Minnesota is north of the Equator and Minnesota gets a bit of snow.

    • I don’t think it snows often. I read somewhere that this was a 7 inch snowfall, which was a record snowfall for them.

    • I’m from New Zealand. Snow is not a strange sight in New Zealand in August in the South Island, but this snow was all over the entire country – North and South Island. It was also down to sea level, and it usually only snows to about 400m above sea level. I walked along this street on that day – most people who live in Wellington have never seen snow as it never snows in the cities. It was truely a unique experience for us – everyone forgetting about their boring office work and going outside to have fun and smile at everyone.

  2. Much as I hate the stuff, it does look kind of pleasant. I might not object to some snow here in South Florida today, as it started out with a heat index of about 90, at dawn.

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