25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes in Film

Famous movie lines that were not in the script.

Warning:  Obscene language abounds


4 comments to 25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes in Film

  • infidel

    Dr Strangelove was too funny I need to buy that on DVD

  • During an interview, Gabriel Byrnes said they were all laughing during the line-up scene in the Usual Suspects because Benicio Del Toro kept farting.

  • SomeViewer

    The best unscripted scene ever done is in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    It is interesting to note that the director had initially planned a long choreographed swordfight for this scene. Harrison Ford, how was feeling ill and didn’t have the energy to do the entire scene, supposed said, “Why don’t I just shoot him?” It fit in well with the Jones character, and was used in the film.


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