Open Mic Saturday


I’ve pretty much recouped from the BABBQ last weekend.  Catching up on some things around the house.  I have a fairly busy week coming up.  Thursday I’m getting together with some old old  friends on the pretense that we’re going to watch the Cardinal game, however we’ll mostly sit around, tell stories and drink beer.  On Saturday, my brother and his family will be coming into town for the weekend.  We’re going to go to the City Museum and then swimming at their hotel.  Sunday (24th) is my birthday and we’ll probably just have a family gathering at my house.


BOW: I added a plugin to combat the increasing spamage on Bits of Wisdom.  Unbeknownst to me the plugin wasn’t allowing comments for a couple of days.  I’ve deactivated the plugin and things are now back to normal.

B&P:  The site was hit with a Google redirect hack.  What that means is that somehow someone got into one of the pages of code that make a website work and inserted code that would redirect any searches for B&P on Google or Google Reader to another site.  The majority of readers have B&P bookmarked as a favorite and were not affected.  I’ve fixed the code.

Disclaimer:  I’ve put up a new Disclaimer page on B&P.  Check it out and let me know if I missed anything.

What’s going on in your world?

12 comments to Open Mic Saturday

  • Tehobu

    Just read your Disclaimer Page. By the time I got to your ” Read at your own risk” I had a migraine. You should hear from my Lawyers any day now. Have a nice day.

  • Bella

    Bwahahahaha, I just love your disclaimer page. ROTF!

  • StAnne

    First time I ever read an entire disclaimer. Hilarious!

  • Scott

    The disclaimer is lacking something extremely crucial and should be repeated often throughout:

    An inchworm is neither an inch long, nor a worm.

  • that1chick

    Unattended children will be given an espresso and a kitten, thank Ya’ll for stopping by.

  • MCW

    I may have missed this one (if so, my bad) Place on flat surface. Light fuse, get away!

  • Jonco, you need to add an ersatz “Agree” Button at the bottom that works as a “home” link and an ersatz “dis-agree” that sends them somewhere special – maybe the first page you ever posted on B&P – so they can catch up to the rest of us agree-ers.

    I found treasure today. A wooden “key” (read: wedge) used to hold a door closed and labeled as such from 1850. And I have posted some cool invoice letterhead from the 1920’s.

  • Attention span is too short to read the disclaimer. If its anything like a TOS…. I’ll just agree to it. 🙂

    Today is my first day of my vacation. Not going anywhere far. Just day trips with the family. I’m enjoying my time with them!

  • DJ

    Jonco. You nose, you should have scent Brotherco to the LaQuinta.

  • Have fun at the City Museum. Its one of my family’s favorite places to spend the day.

  • Richard

    Just flew in from a European vacation, and boy are my arms tired…One of my suitcases is somewhere between Budapest and Atlanta, but Delta says “no worries”.

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