I’m on Google+

I’m on 

I have some invites for Google+.  If you’re interested send me your gmail address (You have to have gmail to use Google+). 

 If you’re already on Google+ you can search for me as Jonco Stl.

Some Google+ resources


50 thoughts on “I’m on Google+

  1. I would love to get an invite if still have some. I think I’ve been on the list since they announced it. Thanks

  2. If you still have any, I’d appreciate one. (I normally comment on this site using another email address, but I try to keep them separate.)

  3. If you still have invites, I’d love one! Do you get invites to share once you sign up? If so, I’d share the wealth back here!

  4. Well, How can I deny your invitation?? 😉 Leo from Argentina!
    And also like Maggie, I’ll invite other once inside.

  5. Please, none for me. I have accounts on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIN, Yahoo, Comcast, Gmail, Hotmail, ATT, 2 work accounts, a few school accounts and others I’ve forgotten about and truth be told, I really don’t like people…

  6. Still on the fence. I don’t use gmail. Do you have to actually use it for it to work or could I just sign up for an account and let it sit there?

  7. Thanks, Jonco!

    I’ve signed up but will have to wait until I get back from my mum’s 75th party to do anything with it.

  8. I’m on a Mac and love the Mail app that comes standard. I can’t imagine using anything else anymore. I signed up for gmail just so I could try google+. Heard from a client today they want to give it a shot so now I have to learn it in a hurry. Are there any invites left?

  9. Jonco,
    Good Morning, I wish you many safe hours on your bike. If you have the time and invites left, I’d love to give Google+ a try.

    I love your site!!

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