9 reasons to switch form Facebook to Google+

G+ circles21. Integration with Google Services

2. Better Friend Management –  Circles

3. Better Mobile App

4. Easier to Find Stuff to Share

5. You Can Get Your Data Back

6. Better Photo TaggingHangouts

7. Strong Group Chat Features –  Hangouts

8. Safer Content Sharing

9. Google Is a Better Steward of Your Personal Data

Details here

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11 thoughts on “9 reasons to switch form Facebook to Google+

  1. You allready got an invitation?
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      • Got still an invitation left? %-)
        Maybe mine ist out of date now.

        Guy B.

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          • Found an older entry (June 14th, 2011) – tried commenting it, nothing happens … so I thought it’s too old.

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            • OK, now I know what you mean. Yeah, I closed commenting on older posts to eliminate spam. The regular readers sort of keep up with the posts and usually most of the comments on older posts were spam. I have the ability to close comments after a period of time so I chose 60 days. If I hear considerable opposition I could change it, but you’re the first to mention it. I might change it to 90 days and see if there is an increase in spam.


              • Maybe an early timeout is the better idea against spam!
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  2. Hi,

    As a former Facebook employee, I have to say that point N°9 might not be accurate.
    N°1 rule at facebook: respect of the users’ privacy.
    Here’s a fact: Google went to china and granted the Chinese government an access to its Chinese users’ data, so the government could watch what was said in the emails (gmail).
    Facebook tried to go to China, and the government asked for an access to the Chinese’s users data. Facebook refused to share any data, and left this huge potential market.


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