New ISS cameras to stream live HD video of your house from space

Imagine Google Earth on steroids –  LIVE!  Coming  in the Spring of 2012.


14 comments to New ISS cameras to stream live HD video of your house from space

  • eyeball

    This might come in handy when the woman on the other block is sunbathing nude again… 😉

  • MelissaB

    Really cool, but either they didn’t explain it or just ignored the fact that it would only be able to capture video where the ISS is at any given moment. It’s not like they could show a view of a parade in NYC live at the same time a huge sporting event is happening live in Sydney, AU. If it is flying over the US when an earthquake is happening in Chile, this isn’t going to see it.

  • DJ

    For a sec I thought the word up in the corner of that photo was “UrethraCast.” After watching the video, it’s possible I could be wrong.

  • DJ

    I wonder if this going to be provided free, or will you have to buy a subscription?

  • Scott

    This might be cool for when the rapture happens. Hope you guys catch it, I plan to be on a spontaneous trip that day.

  • Dean

    HD video is only 1920×1080 pixels. So, depending on how wide the lens is, I doubt you’re going to see much beyond pretty clouds and major continental details. You will not be able see detail smaller than several city blocks at a time.

    Oh, and no matter how many times they show it in movies, you cannot “zoom in” to standard definition or HD video and see more than what has been recorded.

    • DJ

      “UrtheCast will soon be streaming HD video of Earth straight from the ISS. The system will actually consist of a pair of cameras, one still and one video, that will be mounted on the Russian arm of the station. The still shots will be very wide, covering about 30 miles with a resolution of 18-feet per pixel. Much more exciting will be the three feet per-pixel stream of 3.25fps video that will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You probably won’t be able to see yourself waving as the ISS passes overhead, but you should be able to spot your house.”

  • Bella

    I like my privacy! Will they be able to see me in the pisser?

  • They needed this when O.J. went berserk !

  • Sandpiper

    How do I opt-out of this survellience?

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