Trump card


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  • Richard

    I understand the need to break such stories as soon as possible, but when the networks preempt the last ten minutes of a show only to have their talking heads say the same thing over and over again for 40 minutes ’til Prezbo gets to speak, than I get irritated. ESPN told me everything that I needed to know in less than 60 seconds…

    • Jonco

      I know what you mean, but the networks were told the President was going to speak “in a few minutes” and that kept getting extended.

  • StAnne

    Breaking News (with apologies to Chevy Chase): Osama Bin Laden is STILL DEAD

  • DJ

    It took Trump to finally light a firecracker under this guy’s arse.

  • Bobo

    So, who collected the $25mil bounty?

    Enough money to create another terrorist cell.

    • Richard

      By the time the government gets done with taxing the bounty, the dude will get a check for $4.59…a months pay in Pakistan

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