‘The Beast’ gets beached

Obama’s car gets stuck at US Embassy in Dublin

It’s one of the most protective cars in the world. It’s bomb-proof, it has bullet-proof glass, and its own oxygen supply. But a teeny weeny ramp at the US Embassy in Dublin caused the President’s car to ‘beach’, causing the crowds waiting outside to gasp in surprise.

The low bottom of the car, nicknamed ‘The Beast’ because of its bomb-proof features, seemed to catch on a ramp crossing over the gateway. US security services later denied it was ‘The Beast’ that got stuck, saying ‘it was a spare limo, carrying staff and support personnel.’



3 thoughts on “‘The Beast’ gets beached

  1. I think that the Presidential limo usually has the Presidential Seal flag flying. This one has the U.S. flag, so maybe this was a “spare”.


  2. That was a actually pretty bad and I am sure it gave the Secret Service a fright. It basically immobilized that car, and also blocked that exit. Notice the limo behind it. If that had the prez in it, it would have been it a sitting duck. It was blocked going forward, and it was tailed by other cars that would have had to get out of the way.

    The only option would have been for the next car to ram the stuck car over the hump to get out of of the way.

    I’ll bet from now on the SS will run a similar suspended car over all planned routes to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

    Not good.


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