Runaway mail truck


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  • Miss Silver

    I saw a car roll across a packed parking lot once; luckily it was a short distance to the edge of the lot where dividers were up. I was walking to the shopping centre near my house to get groceries, saw a car move, and noticed that no one was in it. I stood and watched the thing roll for 10 seconds before coming to a halt at the edge of the lot. I was laughing when it ended, but also grateful that nothing serious happened.

    Remember to put that shit in PARK and stick on the emergency break because this shit can be dangerous.

  • Richard

    Lucky for the driver that he works for the guvment…He would have lost his job at UPS or FEDEX.

    • StAnne

      Nah, I think there might be a new job opening at that post office. I hear USPS is a pretty stern employer.

  • Steven H

    So P is for “P”ark and R is for be “R”ight back.

  • Ron Larson

    It would be wise for the USPS to put a weight activated switch under the driver’s seat. No weight on the seat, no engage the tranny.

  • Deborah

    ok how the heck did a fire truck get there so freakin fast???


    ok there was a time lapse… nevermind

  • JD

    After the first clean miss I was thinking “damn that’s lucky”. Shoulda figured it wouldn’t hold up.

  • revrick315

    Seemed like it picked up in speed like somebody stamped on the gas.

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