Ohio astronauts

Ohio astronauts

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  • Manticore

    More like what’s keeping the other 11,542,621 of us here?

    • DJ

      I think Crispy’s right…seems like a system that produces astronauts is a good thing.

      Well, that plus the fact that it’s rained 3 out of every 4 days since April 1st around here. It’s a lot drier in space.

  • Richard

    I know, I know…DJ lives there…

    • DJ

      And StAnne, and Julie…

      • Bella

        Well, I know that you three are absolutely heavenly so I’m guessing it’ll be a natural journey, eventually. 😉

        Certainly no time soon though

      • StAnne

        We’re so proud.

        The late Ron Parise was from my hometown. Only met him years later as my husband worked as a NASA contractor on the shuttle flight simulators. We agreed one of the best things our town’s public school system ever did was to place a planetarium in the high school from which he graduated.

        That was back when the schools were well funded by a thriving economy.

  • crispy

    Maybe the problem’s not Ohio: they’re producing ASTRONAUTS. Maybe the problem is everybody else, perhaps especially people who ask a question starting with “What it is …” Hey, rest of the world: maybe people from Ohio just want to get away from YOU!

  • DJ

    You want astronauts from China or India instead? I think Crispy’s right…a system that produces people who want to explore, who want to be involved in the sciences, who want to advance our knowledge, is a good thing.

    Well, that, and the fact that it’s rained 3 of every 4 days since the first of April around here. It’s drier in space.

  • Manticore

    Ohio still sucks though.

    Just sayin. Lived here waaaaaay too long. The birding’s good though. In some parts of the state at least.

  • planethou

    24 out of how many?

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