Hands off

No touching the lady


13 comments to Hands off

  • JoelA

    That ain’t no lady!

  • jorgen

    That’s not a lady. That’s his wife!

  • infidel

    OH PLEASE hold us back

  • Colin

    @ Joel & Jorgen: She is the First Lady…

    • Tim

      So? She was not that attractive before being the First Lady and becoming the First Lady did make her any more attractive.

      And she does not act much like a lady.

  • DJ

    Imagine my surprise when I saw a news story this week about Obama’s “The Beast” getting it’s bottom stuck, and it turned out to be his car!

  • paul in boca

    Bunch of haters here.

    • infidel

      yeah kinda like the liberals eight years of Bush hate and its still going on

      • StAnne

        I don’t recall anyone being so low class as to insult Mrs. Bush the way Mrs. Obama has had to endure. Do you talk about your own wives, mothers, and daughters that way? Do you tolerate others hurling those kind of insults at the women in your life? You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

        • DJ

          You don’t remember Bill Maher calling Laura Bush ‘Hitler’s dog’?? All the insults against Barbara Bush, like George Carlin calling her ‘the silver douchebag’ among other things?? You’ve already forgotten the insults and rumors regarding Palin’s minor children?? Or the Bush twins? Interesting. Geez, you can still find pages and pages of insults proudly archived on Democratic Underground.

          • StAnne

            I haven’t found much to admire in any party affiliation in ages. Still always thought it’s stooping pretty low to hurl personal attacks at a politician’s family.

  • Duuude

    I don’t care what the sour Republicans say. She’s hot!

  • JoelA

    Politics aside, she is a broad.

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