Google Earth 3D Driving Simulator

Driving simulator

One of the Google Geo API team developers, named Roman Nurik, took one of the really cool Google Earth plugin demo applications (the Milktruck game) and created a really useful application. He combined Google’s map driving directions with the Earth API plugin to create a 3D driving directions tool which also lets you simulate driving along the roads with a 3D car. You should check out his 3D Driving Directions here (requires the GE plugin for your browser – IE, Firefox, or other Mozilla browsers supported). You can also read his post at the Google Geo Developer Blog where he explains how he developed the application. Well worth a read if you’re an aspiring Geo developer. Amazing!

Just type in your starting and ending points and click GO.  You can pause slant, tilt, zoom in or out too.

Google Earth Driving Simulator

Here I am zipping along past the Gateway Arch in downtown St. Louis. 



4 thoughts on “Google Earth 3D Driving Simulator

  1. Also fun is the simulated trip from Seattle, WA to Tokyo, Japan. Even though Google Maps says “kayak” your icon stays as a while minivan. But still the ocean trip is lovely.


  2. I’ve noticed this feature a few days ago, but it really slowed down my computer if I wanted to change the perspective. I might have to try it again, though. 🙂


    • I noticed my browser really slowed too after I used it. Took me a minute to realize all I had to do was close the tab it was on and it is fine.


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