Girl Scout Cookies



7 comments to Girl Scout Cookies

  • hbshrimp

    they left out the BEST discontinued cookie-juliettes-they were chocolate covered cookies with carmel and pecans :(

  • Richard

    I used to live in a neighborhood that grew up as my family did. Every January and February, we would be bombarded by scouts selling cookies. I was a pushover for Thin Mints, Cartwheels and Tagalongs. As the neighborhood got older, the number of cookie sellers dwindled to the point that I had to seek out fellow employees who had daughters in the scouts so that I could get my yearly fix. Now that I am retired and living in the country, I resort to checking out the WalMarts for cookie sellers. Pathetic, I know…

  • Jester

    I have my dealer call me to score each year and they deliver at no extra charge.

  • Scott

    I should get you guys in touch with my dealer. But she’s asleep upstairs right now. She’ll be working outside our Walmart this Sunday, Richard.

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