What would happen if…

you bought 25 bottles of Nyquil?

you drank seawater?

if doctors were car mechanics?

you put your car in reverse while driving?

you ran over a ninja?

your town got nuked?

real life was like Twitter?

we didn’t have a moon?

there were no mosquitos?

time travel became real?

there was no dust?

computers made our food?

you farted in a space suit?

Google would break?

I would dig a tunnel through the Earth and jumped in it?

… I ate myself?

you put your hand in the Large Hadron Collider?

…  there was no sun?

everyone had superpowers?

you drank 13 beers while running a marathon?

the post office had competition?

if you ate one of those silica gel packets?



6 thoughts on “What would happen if…

  1. I want to talk to those people that HAVE eaten the entire contents of a silica gel packets…just to see if they want fries with the burger I’m buying them.


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