Bits & Pieces Big Ass BBQ II set for July 9

The second BABBQ will take place on July 9, 2011 in St. Louis MO. 

BABBQII DesignLast year the BABBQ expenses were $1,149 and I collected $607, so I’m going to charge $5 more for adults this year and try to plan the food a little better.  We just had waaaay too much food left over.  All other prices will remain the same.  I don’t want to make money on this but would like to not have to pay half the cost.

Details can be found on the BABBQ II page.  I pretty much copied the same info I used last year just changed the date and a couple other things.    You can register to attend on a link from that page.   You must register and pay in advance in order to attend.

Gus and Trixie are looking forward to seeing you.

18 comments to Bits & Pieces Big Ass BBQ II set for July 9

  • Gary

    I clicked on the link to register and got this

    Not Found

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

  • p1t0

    Man, I really wish I could go…. No way I could afford a trip out there. Have fun, hope all goes well!

  • DJ

    I’m in. We on for Fast Eddie’s on Friday evening again?
    β™« Meet us in St Louie, Bella!! β™«

    • Bella

      I’m 80 percent positive that I’m going to make it this year. As you know DJ, I went back to work for 6 wks. as the company I work for was offering a buy-out package for working employees not for disabled ones. I made myself a working employee before they shut the warehouse down and I am going to take the money and run to the airport bound for St Louis. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I’m thankful that I’m healthy enough at this time to pull off this little caper but I sure am tired. That’s how bad I want to see y’all. πŸ™‚

  • Miss Silver

    Why is it that everytime you plan a BBQ, an EARTHQUAKE strikes where I am?

  • Richard

    As I stated before, I will be out of the country so it will be up to Gary, and maybe Infi, to represent the Atlanta gang. Have one for me…

  • that1chick

    I had planned on being there last year and life came at me, so this year, I’m just gonna hope I can be there. If not I’ll be there in spirit, dammit.

    • Bella

      Dammit Chick, I’d love to meet you. Let’s really try hard and Infi too. I was thinking about driving (with help) but it’s around 4000 km. as the crow flies and I have a family wedding the next weekend so that’s out. Let’s make it happen!

  • Richard

    You need to stop hanging out with Old Crow anyway. It’s a lousy bourbon…

  • Danny S.

    I am sorry to say that we will have to miss it this year. Linda and me (and my brother and his wife) are traveling to Maine during the week of the 4th, recreating a trip our family took exactly 40 years before. On the ninth we will be traveling through PA, visiting FallingWater south of Pittsburg. Have a beer for me.
    PS: I am still enjoying my dime-in ring!

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