What are the black trucks in a Presidential Motorcade?

Have you ever wondered what all those extra SUVs are in the Presidential or VIP motorcades? You know, the ones with severely tinted windows. The SUV’s that no one gets in or out. Maybe they are Unmarked ‘black helicopters’ on four wheels…

Well, wonder no more. They have a 6 barreled 7.62 mm mini gun. They Fire over 4,000 rounds per minute The wipers need to be run to remove Spent casings when the weapon is firing.

This video is from the company that makes this happen. The vehicle is also armor plated.

Thanks Mitchell D

9 comments to What are the black trucks in a Presidential Motorcade?

  • alarmguy

    This would be right handy for the evening commute from downtown back to the suburbs. Buses never stop where I need them to anyway.

  • Gabriel

    I used to work on some of those vehicles. The shop I was at had a contract with the pentagon police department and some other FBI and Secret Service vehicles. Inch thick bullet proof glass, kevlar coatings inside body panels, blast resistant shields, etc. Not all those SUV’s were street-friendly tanks though. Some of them were mobile computer stations and portable multiple prisoner transports. Some of them were just loaded with assault rifles and shields and cannons and defense equipment. One thing about those vehicles though, they aren’t very fast. Even though they had an engine upgrade to the 8mpg Chevy 8.1 workhorse motor, the extra 1,500 pounds weighed them down a lot.

  • justme

    how can that be useful for a motorcade? Just, “f*ck you, bystanders, at least we got the sniper!”? Really, when could they be used except in old time war tactics when two armies consisting only of soldiers line up and shoot at each other?

  • infidel

    perfect for Atlanta traffic

  • Nice little gun, but does it have leather seats and premium stereo package?

  • Richard

    As Gabriel alluded to, there are different vehicles for different situations. There is always a vehicle that is loaded with m-16’s and other assault rifles and there is always a communications vehicle loaded with satellite acquisition equipment. The very specialized vehicles are used in foreign countries or open areas. A transport plane carries the vehicles so that they are on the ground and ready when Air Force One touches down.

  • mwd

    They are actually intended for anti-aircraft and anti vehicle defense. These are the same chain guns on the attack helicopters. They can literally cut a car in half and can bring down anything that flies. I would have to assume there is a fairly even mix of tracers, armor piercing and depleted uranium rounds.

  • Ron Larson

    I’d like to see what the weapon can do Too bad they don’t demonstrate the other end of that firepower.

  • Qualtrough

    Use a forklift or explosive to flip it, game over.

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