Space Shuttle time-lapse

An incredible amount of work and technology goes into just getting the shuttle ready for launch.  Do your self a favor and go here to watch in full screen.

Thanks Bill the Painter

14 comments to Space Shuttle time-lapse

  • Gary

    Aren’t there only a few shuttle launches left?

  • Gary

    I see how they accomplish so much, everyone’s on speed.

  • Richard

    There’s just one launch left to go.

  • Richard

    It is so taken for granted now, but I remember back in the day when a launch would be the lead story on the TV news (all three channels)…LOL

  • AlaskaME

    Isn’t there a way to embed the utube vid with a fullscreen button? I’ve seen other sites do it.

    • Jonco

      Some YouTube videos just don’t seem to have that button. Not sure if one can add it to any video. That’s why I provided the link..

  • cowracer

    Don’t get me wrong, I am all in favor of NASA… But…

    It seems like a lot of NASA people spend a large chunk of their day standing around in small groups, watching stuff happen.


  • Sander

    As I understand, the representative in Arizona that got shot, her husband was supposed to pilot this last shuttle mission. As it stands now, it’s uncertain if he’ll be the pilot or not. There’s a backup at the ready, but how’s that for cruelty. Not only did your wife get shot, you might miss out on being the pilot of the last space mission for a long time since there’s no real alternative to the space shuttles.

    • paul in boca

      Her husband is currently living in the space station.

      • Jonco

        No he’s not! He’s at her bedside. He was in Houston training for the next mission when the shooting happened. There have been pictures of him all over the news at her bedside, holding her hand.
        He is the commander of the final Space Shuttle flight scheduled for April 19., but they are working on a contingency plan in case he can’t make it… and I don’t think he will.

      • DJ

        Did the liberals get anything right on this thing??

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