8 thoughts on “Dear Math

  1. I could have used a note like this back in the day! Of course, that was so long ago, we didn’t even have the word “divide” yet…it was called “goesinta”.

  2. Miss Silver, can you help me with a problem? I can’t figure why the Queen requires her subjects to refer to the study of math in the plural.

    I’m also curious about the growth rate of a Stig, but that’s more a matter for the home bureau.

    • I think it’s in the plural because it’s describing the mathematical problems as a general, and not one specific problem.

      WTF is a Stig? I asked Professor Googledore and he told me it’s the guy from that Top Gear show.

  3. Late response, sorry. Maths is an abreviation of Mathematics. Both are plural. Doesn’t bother me as much as someone saying 20 megs of RAM instead of 20 megabytes. Why do I never hear of someone running a 10 ks race?

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